Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 2008 monthly schedule

The regular schedule for monthly activities is supposed to be on the third weekend of the month. Our priest, Rev Fr. Adam Purdy, was reassigned to become the new prior in Our Lady of Victories Church, Manila 
Our Lady of Victories Church
2 Cannon Road, New Manila,
Quezon City 1112

Because of Fr Purdy's new assigned area, we are changing also the monthly schedule from third Sunday to fourth Sunday of the month so that he could still take the Cagayan de Oro - Butuan missions.

The new schedule effective on September 2008 is such: 4th Weekend of the month.

On this month of September, we were able to:

September 24 -- Fr Purdy arrived from Manila and meet some potential benefactors for building a church (a priory probably). In 6:00 in the evening, Mass was offered at 11-21 Streets, Nazareth and have dinner.

September 25 -- continuation of meeting potential benefctors for the church. Mass at 6:00 in the evening.

September 26 -- we went to Bugo (about 45 minutes from the city). Fr Purdy gave a conference to few people of more than ten participants. Topic: Problems With the Prayers of the Modern Mass. The conference was held at the house of one of SSPX faithful's sister. Participants were members of Oasis of Love and Divine Mercy Devotion. The Mass was offered late at around 7:00 in the evening in 11-21 Nazareth.

September 27 -- another conference at Brew Berry Chavez-Velez Streets, CDO with the same topic: The Problems With the Prayers of the Modern Mass but this time, different random participants. There were students, church organization members and some other randomly invited individual. Mass offered at past 6:00 in the evening.

September 28 Sunday -- confession started at 8:30 and the Mass started around 9:45am. Past eleven, Fr Purdy went to Butuan City by bus.

Photographs not yet available.

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