Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Nicene Creed

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 2008

October 25, 2008 - conference about the problems on modern world and modern church, modern philosophy and the church situaltion held at Brew Berry Velez - Chavez Streets Cagayan de Oro City.

Ocotber 26 - Mass for the feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ at 11-21 Streets, Nazareth this city.

More activities are in plans: conferences and cathecsms regarding our Catholic faith. Please visit for more information. Everyone is invited to come.

For the month of November, the Mass center is transfered to a more accesible place. Fr Dolotina will be the visiting priest for November. Please keep posted for details.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Message to Lourdie from Mark Andrew

Dear Lourdie,

I am Mark Andrew Legion of Mary here in CDO affiliate of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). I do realized what you are trying to say with regards to your understanding of what is Mass today under the definition of the New Council that Vatican II promulgated. But I supposed you did not know that even the New Mass of present council, the official Novus Ordo Massae is in Latin. Have you wondered why? It's not only the question of the language used but the new ideas of what is Eucharistic celebration according to this council's most importantly to be pondered on. We told you that the official language of the church is in Latin and I supposed you know it because you are studying Theology. Read the Canon Law and you will know that it is true that the official language of the Church is Latin. Perfectly makes sense because we are Roman Catholics therefore we belong to the Roman Rite - the Latin Rite. You were trying to say that you are against the Latin Mass because you think that the active participation of people depends on their understanding of what the priest is saying. Therefore you think that people can only participate actively in the Mass because they understand the language. Your thinking or this kind of idea/mentality or your idea perfectly defines what is Vatican II all about - that we are strongly opposed because of its departure from what is really the real definition of Mass according to our Catholic Faith and its contradiction to what the Catholic church has always taught and believed.

The Mass according to the uncorrupted teachings of our Catholic faith is the highest adoration or worship of the Church to God. That is why for thousands of years the Catholic Church consistently ordained Priests specifically for this one purpose to give due worship to God Almighty in the person of Christ through His valid ordained Priest. This is now the point that we are strongly opposed to the new idea of the New Mass. The New Mass teaches that, in order to make the people participate actively, they must understand the language used that is why they changed Latin to vernacular in order that people can pray. While the the true idea of what is Mass is the enjoining of the people's intention and prayers to God in the person of the priest saying the Mass in Latin according to the Universal language of the church of God. This is why we are called Roman Catholic because it is the seat of st Peter - the first Pope established the church in Rome.

Now, the people in the past didn't attend Mass to understand Latin but Mass for them was to believe in the powers of the priest and dignity of his Priesthood offering to God - a perfect sacrifice most pleasing to Him for the salvation of souls and remissions of sins. Now, why the priest is saying it in Latin? It carries along with it everything that the Catholic Church believed from the beginning (St Peter established his seat in Rome) and it perfectly preserves and unifies the Sacred character of our Belief in the Mass or the Holy Sacrifice which we are are bound forever in adoration of the One True God. Thus, today people think that Mass is about understanding the language and not anymore about
the dignity of the priest offering a perfect sacrifice to God in behalf of the people using the language officially, canonically mandated by the Catholic Church in perpetuity for all ages under pain of excommunication and absolute obedience to this mandate - given by the powers and authority by the infallible teachings of Holy Popes and Saints most especially the Doctors of the Church (ie, St Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, St Damasus, St Ireneus, St Gerome, etc) in strong and absolute adherence to what the Catholic Church has always believed and taught never to be changed nor modified. Pope St Pius V in 1570 during the Council of Trent in condemnation to the demands of Martin Luther with regard to his protestant revolution against the Catholic Mass (the Mass in Latin which I and my friends are fighting for today against those who hate this Mass; oh! by the way Martin Luther HATES LATIN MASS SO MUCH), mandated this in accordance to his duty as protector and defender of Truth that he received canonically be obeyed and preserved in perpetuity handed by the Apostles themselves and the Doctors of the Church to be faithfully transmitted and obeyed forever.

I understand that you are formed according to the norms of the new teachings of Vatican II. I supposed you believed in people's democracy over the church which we don't. You believed in Ecumenism too which the first commandment forbids you to do so but you think abolished or modified by Vatican II and made all religions in equal footing which is truly a grave matter or blatant crime against the Will of God through Jesus Christ wanting the whole world to be baptized under the Catholic Church. You love the New Mass which is said not in the official language of the church though originally promulgated in Latin along with it you approved the communion in the hand which canonically forbidden by the Church so thus the extra ordinary lay ministers, people's involvement to what is consecrated for Priests alone but done by lay and many other liturgical abuses. Lastly you dont believe in the hierarchy of the church which is measured upon your submission to what is doctrinally imposed and approved under the guidance of the Sanctifier or the Holy Ghost.

We are hoping to meet you someday and God bless you in your journey as His representative doing His Will and not compromising anything for the Greater Glory of His Name.

PS: oh! by the way Latin is fixed and will never evolve in meaning, thus it is a good carrier of the deposit of faith which the Catholic Church received from the Catholic Church.

Mark Andrew

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lourdie Pontipedra

do you mention that Aramaic and Greek language is dead languauage. don't you not realized that Latin is a dead language too. if you are not convince could you give some country that somehow use the Latin language as a means of communication. how could you communicate with ordinary people who doesn't know Latin. The mass should be for the people and by the people of God who have the desire to understand clearly the sacrifice of the Lord in the Eucharist and it should not only for the Elite one who knows Latin. make up your mind brothers/sisters. 

Brother/Sister just to review your church history and you will find out that latin was not really an oficial language in the Cahtolic.

Yes i knew very well that Latin is a dead language, and a dead language is very good for a liturgy, i'd like to emphasize that we use Latin because Latin is one of dead language, i forgot to tell you that. Latin being a dead language makes it better to use.the Mass is not for the people but a Sacrifice offered to God the Father so that people's sins may be forgiven. The priest is supposed to be talking to God and not to the people, so the priest uses Latin because he is talking to God and not to the people.. the priest faces the altar because the priest is talking to God and not to the people. see? the new mass and the old mass is really in different position, both liturgy is in clash, they have different theology, different idea, a new idea, a new faith. a new church..the new mass contain new idea which cannot be reconciled to the old. The question if language usage is not the question but the integrity of its doctrine, ie, is the new mass the same as the old mass?so if you belive that the old is not correct, it is implying to say that the doctors of the church before where wrong because a new idea of Mass is being presented in the are not convinved that they are both different Mass?please do some research.. i know you will agree that both masses are not the same and so which of this is the true mass? the apostolic tridentine Mass? or the new vernacualar, protestant in origin Mass which was invented in 1960's?

We dont attend the Old Mass because we like Latin or we have "religious feelings" towards the mass. feelings is not about faith, and faith has nothing to do about FEELINGS And most of all, the mass is not about understanding the language but its about understand what the Mass is. we attend the old Mass because this is the Mass of the Catholic chruch, read QUO PRIMUM TEMPORE, a document that canonized the Tridentine Mass to be the Mass of the Catholic Chruch for all time and in perpetuity. This is the Mass that produced thaosands of saints and martyrs, this is the mass that the martyrs died for.this Mass is the summit of our Catholic faith and not the new because the new contain protestant some research..i leave it to you..

The idea of: "the Mass is for the people of God" is new diffinition, the Catholics dont think that way before...the Mass is offered to God the Father first and for all..and not to the people above all. the priest offer a sacrifice to GOd the Father offered in behalf of the people. the changes in the Mass is to mock the old...

The thing is... you have been taught a modern orientation of the Mass...that is why you think that the Latin Mass is wrong and very bad...and now you will say that my explanation about the Mass is wrong because you wont agree with me,but sad to say every thing i said is according to the definition of the Mass.

I dont know Latin myself, but i adhere to this Mass because of its doctrinal integrity, because of its historical background, a treasure of the church which was hidden from us. i have attended the old Mass for about 30 times already more or less, but now I CAN respond to the Mass, (mind you I AM NOT ELITE, I am nobody, im just a faithful)i can attend the Mass without difficulty and i do understand what is going on in the MAss.nd i found out that the new and old mass are not really in agreement. they are like Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales (kidding) what im i trying to say it that they are NOT really the same... nd because of their difference, i chose which is true and correct.

Latin is not the official language of the CAtholic Church? what? who told you that?hahaha,that is very funny. any thing you say will be used against you...please withdraw your statement  back...please dont let me say the word.... you dont really know that much....please study the Catholic faith.hahaha.. let me tell you this, do you not know that the official version of the new Mass is in Latin? every official document in Vatican EVEN TODAY is in Latin? dont you know that HABEMUS PAPAM is LAtin(i know you know)?dont you know that St Jerome is the first one to translate the Bible from older languages into Latin to have a universal languge of the church which is Latin? the word Gloria in Excelsis Deo is Latin? Ave Maria Latin? Pater Noster is Latin? Agnus Dei is Latin as well? whew! and now you will tell me that Latin is not the official language of the Roman Church?

well i dont blame you for having that idea Lourdie, its not your fault to believe in the modern crap. Modernism is really bad and evil, in fact Pope Saint Pius X condemned modernism is his encyclical  "Pascendi Domini Gregis". Im serious now, why wont we have a dialogue sometime..i know you are a good man..a very active in the church and very devoted to God. I WILL PROMISE YOU, you will learn many things from us. If you wont agree, then its fine... how about that?

thank you Lourdie! Ave Maria!

call someone from us. numbers are provided at the friendster account or here beside --->

Thursday, October 02, 2008


A comment has been posted on our friendster account by someone named Lourdie, I believe he is a seminarian in Piarist Fathers. I am not sure.

This is the content if his comment:

Comments: first of all the Catholic Church was already in Vatican II: because of the necessary changes in the church but the primary concern was the used of the vernacular language during the Eucharistic celebration. On the other hand, it's very strange to say a mass without understanding the people. How can the people feel the important of the Eucharist without understanding it. this is a big challege to us as a minitry of the church. I am totally against of saying a mass in latin. sorry but I am against your way. but that is your faith.

Original post can be found here, it is located below that page, on testimonials and comments area.

I have two purposes for posting this topic.
1. for the awareness of others.
2. as a reply to this comment.

This is my reply:

Dear Mr. Lourdie

I wanted to ask you if you are aware of Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Propio: Summurom Pontificum. If you already have heard it, then you must be against the Pope. If you have not read the Motu Propio, read it from here, or here. I wonder why you explicitly say that you are against our way, the WAY that Catholics NORMALLY pray. Don't you know that this is the Catholic Mass that has been said for 2000 years and both mass are not of the same value? Don’t you know that the Mass in vernacular is about 40 years old? Don't you know that this Mass is canonized by Pope Saint Pius V in the year 1570 during the Council of Trent? And He said that this will be the Mass of the Catholic Church for all time and in perpetuity. Pope St Pius V added:

Accordingly, since it would be difficult for this present pronouncement to be sent to all parts of the Christian world and simultaneously come to light everywhere, We direct that it be, as usual, posted and published at the doors of the Basilica of the Prince of the Apostles, also at the Apostolic Chancery, and on the street at Campo Flora; furthermore, We direct that printed copies of this same edict signed by a notary public and made official by an ecclesiastical dignitary possess the same indubitable validity everywhere and in every nation, as if Our manuscript were shown there. Therefore, no one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should know that he will incur the wrath of 

Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul. Quote taken from here

Read more about the Papal Bull: Quo Primum here
What is Papal Bull? read here
What is Tridentine Mass? read here
More about Council of Trent here
these links are from

Now I think there are still so many things that you should learn more about the Catholic faith and so many things with that regard. It is very sad to hear that you are a seminarian who "dislikes" the Latin Mass so deeply. (note you said: I am totally against of saying a mass in Latin.) TOTALLY which means you are against a Catholic Mass? It is very sad Mr. Lourdie, really sad, and I hope that you will be unlighted in the days to come that this Mass is the true Mass.

You said that the Catholic Church is already in Vatican and that is correct. You said,” because of the necessary changes in the church but the primary concern was the used of the vernacular language during the Eucharistic celebration" Mr. Lourdie, the Mass is not about the language. The Mass is about doctrine. It doesn't matter which language it is. But we use Latin because Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church. The New Mass is officially written in Latin. Latin language makes the Mass universal. If I go to Russia and have a Latin Mass, I could understand (with frequent attendance) but if I attend a Russian New Mass, will I understand? Now If the Catholic Church will use Latin worldwide, the universality of the Church is emphasized because there is oneness of liturgy. Does it make sense Lourdie? (You have a nice name). Now the question here is that is the New Mass the same as the Old Mass with regards to doctrine and faith? Make a quick but thorough research about this. Or you can ask us. Numbers are provided on our friendster account.

"On the other hand, it's very strange to say a mass without understanding the people. How can the people feel the important of the Eucharist without understanding it"

Do you know St Isidore Labrador? Yes of course, it’s your patron saint. Do you know St Lorenzo Ruiz? sure you do. Do you know many other saints? in the history of the Catholic Church? I guess so, do you know that some of them do not know Latin and couldn’t understand Latin? What I'm trying to say is that people are not obliged to learn Latin in order for us to participate in the Mass. We use Latin because that's the way is it. That's the Church pre given gift to us. Frequent attendance in the Mass would somehow give you the ability to understand what is going on in the Mass. The language doesn't matter. Now you said strange, so some saints in the past who never know Latin is strange? And the Mass is not about FEELINGS... The Mass is about objective truth so you have to disregard the feelings because feelings are subjective.

Mr. Lourdie, please no offense, I cannot write this in the frienster account because it’s too long. There is only one thing that I can tell you, learn the Catholic faith. The faith that is taught in the past. The treasure of tradition which was taken away from us. Please leave comment Mr. Lourdie if you have read this. This post is actually for you. I am very open for a future dialogue with you. Don’t worry I believe you are older than me.