Friday, October 03, 2008

Lourdie Pontipedra

do you mention that Aramaic and Greek language is dead languauage. don't you not realized that Latin is a dead language too. if you are not convince could you give some country that somehow use the Latin language as a means of communication. how could you communicate with ordinary people who doesn't know Latin. The mass should be for the people and by the people of God who have the desire to understand clearly the sacrifice of the Lord in the Eucharist and it should not only for the Elite one who knows Latin. make up your mind brothers/sisters. 

Brother/Sister just to review your church history and you will find out that latin was not really an oficial language in the Cahtolic.

Yes i knew very well that Latin is a dead language, and a dead language is very good for a liturgy, i'd like to emphasize that we use Latin because Latin is one of dead language, i forgot to tell you that. Latin being a dead language makes it better to use.the Mass is not for the people but a Sacrifice offered to God the Father so that people's sins may be forgiven. The priest is supposed to be talking to God and not to the people, so the priest uses Latin because he is talking to God and not to the people.. the priest faces the altar because the priest is talking to God and not to the people. see? the new mass and the old mass is really in different position, both liturgy is in clash, they have different theology, different idea, a new idea, a new faith. a new church..the new mass contain new idea which cannot be reconciled to the old. The question if language usage is not the question but the integrity of its doctrine, ie, is the new mass the same as the old mass?so if you belive that the old is not correct, it is implying to say that the doctors of the church before where wrong because a new idea of Mass is being presented in the are not convinved that they are both different Mass?please do some research.. i know you will agree that both masses are not the same and so which of this is the true mass? the apostolic tridentine Mass? or the new vernacualar, protestant in origin Mass which was invented in 1960's?

We dont attend the Old Mass because we like Latin or we have "religious feelings" towards the mass. feelings is not about faith, and faith has nothing to do about FEELINGS And most of all, the mass is not about understanding the language but its about understand what the Mass is. we attend the old Mass because this is the Mass of the Catholic chruch, read QUO PRIMUM TEMPORE, a document that canonized the Tridentine Mass to be the Mass of the Catholic Chruch for all time and in perpetuity. This is the Mass that produced thaosands of saints and martyrs, this is the mass that the martyrs died for.this Mass is the summit of our Catholic faith and not the new because the new contain protestant some research..i leave it to you..

The idea of: "the Mass is for the people of God" is new diffinition, the Catholics dont think that way before...the Mass is offered to God the Father first and for all..and not to the people above all. the priest offer a sacrifice to GOd the Father offered in behalf of the people. the changes in the Mass is to mock the old...

The thing is... you have been taught a modern orientation of the Mass...that is why you think that the Latin Mass is wrong and very bad...and now you will say that my explanation about the Mass is wrong because you wont agree with me,but sad to say every thing i said is according to the definition of the Mass.

I dont know Latin myself, but i adhere to this Mass because of its doctrinal integrity, because of its historical background, a treasure of the church which was hidden from us. i have attended the old Mass for about 30 times already more or less, but now I CAN respond to the Mass, (mind you I AM NOT ELITE, I am nobody, im just a faithful)i can attend the Mass without difficulty and i do understand what is going on in the MAss.nd i found out that the new and old mass are not really in agreement. they are like Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales (kidding) what im i trying to say it that they are NOT really the same... nd because of their difference, i chose which is true and correct.

Latin is not the official language of the CAtholic Church? what? who told you that?hahaha,that is very funny. any thing you say will be used against you...please withdraw your statement  back...please dont let me say the word.... you dont really know that much....please study the Catholic faith.hahaha.. let me tell you this, do you not know that the official version of the new Mass is in Latin? every official document in Vatican EVEN TODAY is in Latin? dont you know that HABEMUS PAPAM is LAtin(i know you know)?dont you know that St Jerome is the first one to translate the Bible from older languages into Latin to have a universal languge of the church which is Latin? the word Gloria in Excelsis Deo is Latin? Ave Maria Latin? Pater Noster is Latin? Agnus Dei is Latin as well? whew! and now you will tell me that Latin is not the official language of the Roman Church?

well i dont blame you for having that idea Lourdie, its not your fault to believe in the modern crap. Modernism is really bad and evil, in fact Pope Saint Pius X condemned modernism is his encyclical  "Pascendi Domini Gregis". Im serious now, why wont we have a dialogue sometime..i know you are a good man..a very active in the church and very devoted to God. I WILL PROMISE YOU, you will learn many things from us. If you wont agree, then its fine... how about that?

thank you Lourdie! Ave Maria!

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