Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mary Queen of Apotles

Mary Queen of Apostles
1) MARY, though the dignity of the Apostles is great because Jesus made them His representatives on earth and conferred upon them the office of teaching, of the priesthood, and of pastorship in His Church, your dignity as Mother of God is greater. In this alone, that you are the Mother of God, you excel all greatness that after God can be imagined. Although the Apostles were zealous servants of Jesus, they had various human weaknesses before the descent of the Holy Spirit. But you are adorned with every virtue, and there is no creature in heaven or on earth equal to you in sanctity.

(2) MARY, you received, together with the Apostles, the wonderful gifts with which they were endowed by the Holy Spirit. The Apostles began to labor zealously for the salvation of souls. They preached Jesus, who is the Light of the world, the Way, the Truth and the Life, but you brought Him forth; you are His Mother. Without you we would not have a Gospel for the Apostles to preach; we would not have Christ who sent the Apostles; we would never have seen an Apostle nor heard the words of salvation. How fittingly are you called their Queen! The wonderful success which accompanied their preaching was in a large measure the effect of your constant prayer.

To this day you are ever zealous to enkindle the light of faith in the hearts of those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death and to rescue their souls. from damnation. With the Church I exclaim: "Rejoice, Virgin Mary, you alone have destroyed all heresies throughout the world."

(3) MARY, the Apostles and all apostolic men have honored you as their Queen. The Apostles regarded you as their Mother from the moment when Jesus gave you to John for a Mother. You were always in their midst as long as you remained in Jerusalem, giving them information about the wonderful conception of the Son of God, about His birth and about the years of His youth, for you "kept in mind all these words, pondering them in your heart."

The Apostles were deeply devoted to you during your life. They hastened from far distant lands to receive your blessing before you died. Their veneration for you increased still more when they beheld the great miracles at your grave, which, with them, placed your glorious assumption beyond a doubt.

The successors of the Apostles, the Popes and bishops, and the most renowned priests and missionaries of the Catholic Church, have at all times paid the deepest veneration to you, greeted you as their Queen, and placed their apostolic labors under your protection.

Queen of Apostles, help me to respect the Holy Father, the bishops and priests, as God's representatives on earth. I shall always consider that every injury done to a priest is as if done to your Son Himself, who expressly says, "He who rejects you, rejects me" (Luke 10,16). Help me to listen eagerly to the word of God and observe the teaching of my spiritual superiors. If I wish to be a good child of yours, I must show love and obedience to the priests, for they are not only special friends and representatives of your Son, but also my greatest benefactors, instructing me in the doctrine of salvation, purifying my soul and sanctifying me in the sacraments, and offering up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for me. Bless the Holy Father, the Bishops, priests and missionaries of the Catholic Church. Help them to live worthy of their high calling. Bless their labors with success. Help them ever to be living images of your loving Son—Other Christs!

O God, You have sent the Holy Spirit to Your Apostles, who were united in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus; grant us that, protected by the same Mother of ours and Queen of Apostles, we may be made worthy to serve Your Divine Majesty faith. fully and proclaim Your glory by word and example. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen. (Feast of Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles, Sat. after the Ascension)


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