Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feast of Saint Augustine August 2008

Today, August 28 is the feast of our Patron Saint in the Archdioces of Cagayan de Oro. Today also has a significant event for us because on this day we are remembering the first year of the erection of our Praesidium. Maria Regina Apostolurom Preasedium. Last August 28, 2007 the Curia President Dra. Viray through the approval of Fr Ghela, National Spiritual Director of Legion of Mary, and Fr Purdy, the Spiritual Father and regular Mass Offerer in Cagayan de Oro City, visits Cagayan de Oro for the establishment of the Maria Regina Apostolurom Praesedium. On that day, There were several persons who attended the meeting led by the appointed (by the Curia President) Praesidium President Bro John Solangon and the few members. Guided by our Blessed Mother, the meeting was succesful and thanks to the Curia President, Dra. Viray who managed to teach them the basic things to be learned as Legion of Mary active members. Fr Ghela, although he was not present during the first Praesidium meeting for he have something more important things to attend, he still was able to give them Spiritual advises before he left. Mass was held on that day with Fr Ghela.

Ave Maria!

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