Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Calling Him "Bro"?

It is odd calling Him "Bro" or a slang word for Brother. In Philippine Local TV Drama Series aired On ABS CBN entitled: "May Bukas Pa" (In English There is Still Tomorrow). The story is similar or perhaps based on the story or Marcelino Pan Y Vino(IMDb) which was a religious story. May Bukas Pa is in our local Philippine language and might be available in other countries through the internet. The Cast of the show namely Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla), Enrique Rodrigo (Albert Martinez), Malena (Dina Bonnevie), Mario (Tonton Gutierrez),Selda (Precious Lara Quigaman), Cocoy (Rayver Cruz), and many more. Santino as the main Cast portrayed by Zaijan Jaranilla is a kind-hearted but clever young boy. Longing for the love of his real mother, he will find a friend in mysterious person he calls as ‘Bro.’ In the story, Santino appears to be some kind of a little saint who shows miracles in places nearby. He healed many sickness and perhaps casts out demons ( I don't watch the show, I saw only previews). Many people are inspired by his simplicity and humility and most of all his being childlike. Unfortunately, I noticed that the mysterious person whom he call "Bro" is someone we are familiar with. In the story, the mysterious "friend" of Santino appeared to him dressed like Jesus Christ who also have a would in his palm marked by nails. Obviously, we think of that mysterious friend of Santino as Our Lord Jesus Christ. But why is Santino calling Him "Bro"? that is odd. Below is the photo of Santino ( Zaijan Jaranilla).Here is the synopsis of Marcelino Pan Y Vino (excerpts from

Marcelino is a young boy who lives with monks in a Monastery. One monk told Marcelino never to go up the stairwell of the onastery. But, Marcelino went upstairs, out of curiosity to see what was there. He sees a a big crucifix in the room, and puts out bread andwine, and miraculously, Jesus appears, comes down from the cross and eats. He talks to Marcelino, said he was a good boy, and told Marcelino he could have one wish. Marcelino wishes to see Jesus' mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Marcelino's mother. Jesus says he has to fall asleep in order to get his wish. Marcelino falls asleep on Jesus' arm. Marcelino bears the vision of The Blessed Virgin and his mother. The monks then realize that Jesus came down to talk with the boy, and believe it was a true miracle. Jesus gave the boy the name "Marcelino Pan y Vino": "Bread and Wine."

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